Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess what?

hey every body Guess what ? i am blogging again i have been gone for a REALLY long time and now i am back so lets see everything thats happened:well i got a new dog named Shadow she is a black lab border collie with a little white strip on her chest. Cyrus made the allstar team and his team placed third. Asha got sick, i got sick. we are both still really stuffy *sniffs* thats pretty much everything big and did i mention we moved to are new house yeah thats important so all this lead to right now i am siting in a big tank top at are bar typing and sniffing *sniffs* as every one in my house watches T.V on the new 36 inch flat screen and i forgot to mention i got i life long sickness its called OTD or as its also known Obsessive Twilight Disorder thats right well gtg bye bye *sniffs*

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Ron said...

What, no swimming news?